Samsung teaches the conscious use of modern technology

Samsung has released a revolutionary app that motivates more conscious use of modern technology. SAMi, because this application speech, helps to restore balance in the interpersonal relationships that many people lost to their beloved smartphones. Propagation is moderation, moreover, also rewarded.

How does modern technology affect our relationships with other people? On the one hand, they make it easy to keep in touch, giving you new opportunities to communicate (instant messengers, Facebook tickles, snaps), and often flatten relationships when you meet friends in real life. The best way to do this is to show the following video, showing how the serialized series would look today.

Have you ever been to a meeting where the other person with eye contact kept more often with your smartphone than with you? Or maybe you were a person looking at the screen? Nowadays, it is quite common phenomenon. We are bombarded with hundreds of friends from all sides, and then the person we are face to face becomes just another notification. Many simply can not refrain from being up to date with all matters. Is that the right way? Can virtual contacts not wait for a moment to return to them at any time, and the person we are seeing in real life spend more than a few seconds on message exclamation? She takes her time to be with us, not our smartphone.

Samsung saw this problem and decided to do something about it. This is the result of the SAMi application, which rewards uninterrupted phone calls. This tool helps to control the reflex of unknowingly reaching for the phone during meetings with friends and rewarding the endurance of the users. The rules are very simple. We make a deal with a friend or acquaintance in one of the partner cafes. We steam our phones and start playing. If we can stand without aimless touching the smartphone (we can pick up an important phone) 15 or 30 minutes we will receive a prize – discount for coffee products or free coffee / dessert (next visit). In case we are tempted to reach for the phone – the fun is interrupted. According to the sociologist, the Samsung-created application can be a great way to limit our distraction:

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Such applications as SAMi can help you gain the right habit – checking your phone when it’s time for it and putting it off when it’s time for something else – says Milosz Brzezinski, sociologist. The application uses one of the most powerful behavior change techniques: social declaration. In other words: people do not have to watch over themselves because they have friends and the same app that supports them, “he adds.

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