Ford has an unusual idea of ​​avoiding traffic jams

Living in a big city, during the daily commute to work, we spend a lot of time in traffic jams. A much better means of transportation would be a scooter, but this would mean an additional expense for its purchase. Unless we own a car produced by Ford, then such a wheel will be part of its equipment.

The American corporation has presented a very interesting idea to fight the crooked streets, which means that commuting to work or school will last much shorter than now. The company showed the latest patent showing a rather unusual solution that would transform one of our wheels into a small monocycle.

The patent called “Self-Propelled Unicycle Engagable With Vehicle” describes a device consisting of a seat, a drive and a steering wheel that can be stored in the trunk and carried with us wherever we go by car. In the event of a need to break through traffic jams, the owner could leave the car in the car park, then dismount one of the rear wheels of the car and connect it to the trunk transported in the trunk, thereby gaining an efficient means of transport.

The Monocycle would use a suspension of the vehicle, and would additionally serve as a very effective anti-theft system, as the wheelless auto would certainly be extremely difficult to steal.

The idea is undoubtedly very bold and rather completely useless for the average car owner. Very few owners would like to turn on and turn the wheel every time, and also install the entire construction of the monocycle. A lot of better options are folding bikes, which easily fit into the trunk, and there are also small scooters that can be worn like a strap.

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Ford’s concept will remain just a curiosity.

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