Electronic nanny susceptible to hacker attacks

Infants’ parents are very eager to use electronic nannies that allow them to monitor children from a second room or when away from home. They do not realize, however, that not only can they peek at their consoles during this time, as these devices are extremely vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This shocking truth revealed in its report, Rapid7, a cyber-security company, which revealed at least nine such nannies that gaps to take control of these devices.

The team tested babies from eight manufacturers, including Philips and Withings, manufactured this year. Specialists have discovered that hackers can easily break into them, not only to scare the family members (they often have two-way communication), but also to observe their daily activities. Some models use non-encrypted network applications, so cybercriminals have easy access.

Rapid7 also emphasizes that parents often act very recklessly, giving access to cameras for different people without first checking their identity. This increases the number of people with access to a video stream showing their child, which can be classified as pedophiles.

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