Apple censors music streaming

Texts of certain music genres, such as rap and hip-hop, are saturated. Fans like it, but Apple thinks that there are too many of them. So he is working on a technology that will censor vulgarity while streaming music.

Not everyone likes to listen to music in which every second word is unaccustomed. Of course, artists believe that this is a way of expressing their expression, but their music is increasingly being heard by children who should not learn profanity. The same is true of the Apple group, which has decided to squeeze the language of the musicians a bit, by technology that automatically censors the vulgarisms.

Apple has submitted a patent called “Managing, Replacing, and Removing Vocal Vocabulary From Audio Tests,” which describes new software that automatically detects and removes curses from streamed tracks. The system first scans the song, then compares the text to the banned word database, which contains all kinds of profanity. When they find one, they are removed and replaced by silence or excitement.

This does not mean, however, that the piece will be cut by a beak or pieces of silence. Technology after removing vulgarism can mask them, increasing the volume of music in these places.

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